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Why Am I Doing This? – Pride Month Ramblings #11

I’ve had some people ask why I’m doing this. Why take the time to write about my life and experiences as a gay Christian man? I suppose it might seem self-centered or narcissistic, and who knows? Maybe it is. I am all too aware of my sinfulness, my seemingly endless...

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In Defense of Conservatives – Pride Month Ramblings #10

Today I want to write in defense of my conservative friends and family. I know over the last year my Facebook feed has gotten more and more liberal. Sometimes, to be honest, it’s like living in an echo chamber. I think we all acknowledge that phenomenon. So really,...

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A Slippery Slope – Pride Month Ramblings #9

Today I want to encourage you to read this blog post by Kevin Garcia. Kevin is a gay Christian blogger and podcaster, and I love his work. I became aware of Kevin on Twitter, and he’s been a constant inspiration and encouragement to me over the past year. Fun...

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Just Showed Up for My Own Life – Pride Month Ramblings #8

Thank you so much for all the interaction with my post yesterday. It was a deeply personal one, and I’m so grateful for all the comments and the private messages. I will respond to all of you as I have time.Today I simply want to share a song. Sara Groves is...

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Careful What You Wish For – Pride Month Ramblings #7

The following is a blog post I wrote on March 31, 2016. It’s probably the most personal thing I’ve ever posted here, and to be honest, It’s difficult for me to read. I’m in a much brighter, more hopeful place today, and I’m so very grateful. But there were many dark...

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The Gay Christian Network – Pride Month Ramblings #5

Today I just want to highlight the work of an amazing organization. Since 2001, The Gay Christian Network, led by Justin Lee, has been providing support to LGBTQ Christians like me. Check out their mission statement:“Guided by the light and love of Christ,...

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So This Is What It’s Like – Pride Month Ramblings #4

Sundays are always busy days for me. I’m the music minister at MCC San Francisco, so I get up early and drive from Rohnert Park to San Francisco (about an hour without traffic). I’m here for practice at 10:30 and then worship at noon. We have another service at...

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Gratitude & Hope: The TEDx Talk – Pride Month Ramblings #3

Last summer, about two weeks after I came out of the closet and resigned from my worship pastor job, I went to a mixer put on by the Letter People. I was lonely and anxious to find some kind of community, but this LGBTQ world was brand new to me. People would ask...

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Surrendering To God’s Design – Pride Month Ramblings #2

Last summer, right before I came out of the closet, I was still leading worship every Sunday in church. It was a scary time, because I knew this massive change was coming for me, for my family and for the church, but it was also rich and good. God was meeting me in...

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