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Honest Questions – Pride Month Ramblings #23

I’ve said a lot over the last 23 days. More than some of you ever wanted to hear from me, I’m sure. (Can I get an “Amen”?) I thought today I’d ask a few questions. These are honest questions, meaning I don’t know your answers to them. And they’re questions I’ve been...

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I Love the Cov – Pride Month Ramblings #22

I knew this day was coming, but I didn’t know it had arrived. If not for a Facebook message from a friend, it would have quietly passed me by.Today the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church voted to remove me from their ministerium. To be fair, they were...

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Telling the Whole Story – Pride Month Ramblings #21

People told me it would be hard.When I was in the process of contemplating coming out, I was fortunate to connect with several people who had walked this road ahead of me. They showed me that there was real life on the other side. But they all said it would be hard....

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The Reformation Project – Pride Month Ramblings #20

Today I just want to take a moment to highlight the work of another amazing organization. The Reformation Project ( is a Bible-based, Christian grassroots organization that works to promote inclusion of LGBT people by reforming...

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All Will Be Well – Pride Month Ramblings #19

When I was in the final months of living in the closet, music became increasingly important to me. I had so many songs I turned to when I needed encouragement. I had playlist after playlist, and they became the soundtrack to my coming out. Some songs are probably...

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Happy Father’s Day – Pride Month Ramblings #18

Happy Father’s Day – Pride Month Ramblings #18

One of the harmful myths of the ex-gay movement is that one of the causes of “same-sex attraction” is a poor relationship with one’s father. The idea is that gay men like me didn’t properly bond with our fathers because for whatever reason they were distant or absent....

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Going Home – Pride Month Ramblings #17

Last night I stepped onto a stage in San Mateo and sang a song. I had been invited to perform, along with an award-winning entrepreneur, activist and spoken word artist named Regina Evans and a local dance team called Free2Worship, at an event to raise...

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Do I Sound Gay? – Pride Month Ramblings #16

I’m fascinated by gay stereotypes. I wonder what it is about gay men in particular that makes us tend to lisp, talk with our hands and love Barbra Streisand.No, but really! Why was I, at twelve years old, riding my bike to the public library to pick up Barbra...

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The Liturgists – Pride Month Ramblings #15

Tonight, another resource. If you’re a fan of Gungor or Mike McHargue — Science Mike, you’ll love The Liturgists’ podcast. Honestly, I have not found a better resource for exploring progressive Christianity. It’s hard to name a favorite episode....

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Soccer Dads – Pride Month Ramblings #14

Today, another song. Just a demo recorded with an electric keyboard and my iPhone in the kitchen last spring. The lyrics were written in my journal on a soccer field one Saturday afternoon. Zachary was playing, and these words just came spilling out onto the...

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I'm delighted to be featured as part of Q Christian Fellowship's #UnchangedLGBTQ series this week. And I'm grateful for the...

Meeting Cleve Jones

What a beautiful man. Cleve Jones co-founded The San Francisco AIDS Foundation and came up with the idea for the...

When We’re Closest To God

Throwback to little Matt enjoying the swimming pool. I wasn’t thinking about whether I was too fat or whether it looked gay...

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