For over a decade, the Journey Center has been welcoming all who seek a spiritual path toward healing and wholeness. Although we are unabashedly Christ-centered, we are open to people of all faiths or no faith at all. When the Journey Center says “All are welcome,” we really mean it. We trust the Spirit to guide, and we have no agenda to impose on anyone’s spiritual path.

A few weeks ago, I graduated from our Spiritual Director Formation Program, and now I’m honored to announce that I’ve joined the board of directors! 

In October 2017, I wrote: “For the last eight months, I’ve found myself in this beautiful place every two weeks. Through an incredibly difficult season of life, the Journey Center has been a refuge for me. No matter what I’m going through, from financial insecurities to a new full-time job, from moving into a new home to having my heart broken, from feeling God’s presence to wondering whether God is even real, through all the doubts and fears and celebrations… Even when I’ve wondered whether I had the time, energy or desire to pursue this program, I’m ALWAYS grateful to be here. It always feels like home. For four hours I put my phone on airplane mode and tune out the world around me. I see and hear and feel the presence of God. I focus on the things that matter most to me. And I am completely authentic and vulnerable with people who are safe and loving. The people who journey with me have become dear to me. Week after week, I’m surrounded by the most amazing assortment of spiritual pilgrims. We come from many backgrounds and perspectives, but we hold sacred space for one another to encounter the Divine. It’s a holy and powerful thing. One thing I know: Whoever God is, s/he meets me here in this space, incarnated in the beautiful people who travel this road with me.”

As I look back over the last couple years, I see the hand of God lovingly guiding me to this place in time. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve and lead in this way. And I’m so happy I get to spend more time with quality people like Jo JourneyDan BeachMindy BraunJulie Miller, Ann Hall and Robin T Orton

God is good. All will be well.