Today has been a good day. The kind of day when you feel like you’re coming home, when you’re reminded of who you are and who you can be. The kind of day when God seems more real and more present than usual. 

I’m stepping out into some big, risky, God-inspired dreams. And doors are opening. And I’m making some very healthy, very “it’s about time” decisions for myself. And it all feels very right and good. All is well, my friends.

It’s funny to me. So many of my dear conservative friends are so convinced that I’m deceived and far from God. In their understanding of God and the Bible and reality, a gay man like me cannot be a “real” Christian. But I find that God is more real to me today than he ever was when I was trying to get it all right, trying to make myself fit into the straight, conservative evangelical mold.

Tonight my kids were over, and we played board games and had Chinese food, and after they left, I literally raised my hands up into the air and spun around, and a song of praise came to my mind and to my lips… I hadn’t thought of this song in many, many years. But there it was. “You are good. You are holy.”

My spontaneous outbreak of praise and worship sent me looking for the song and the words, and when I found them, I couldn’t help but share them. 

I wrote this song for a sermon series at We Are PCC back in, I don’t know… 2004 maybe? It was about the attributes of God. God is good, holy, faithful, wise, sovereign, just, and loving. I attempted to fit all of that into a singable worship song for the congregation. Did I succeed? I don’t know, but God brought it back to my mind after fifteen years tonight. I hope it means something to you, even if it’s just nostalgia for the good old days of Sunday At 6. ❤️

I’m on piano and vocals. No idea who else was playing that night. If you remember, let me know! 


You are good, you are holy
Your faithfulness endures forevermore
You are wise, you are sovereign
Your justice and your love reign over all

If we could only see you as you long to be seen
If we could truly know you as you are
Everything would be renewed
Our lives, our homes, our world
Help us, Lord, reveal to us your heart