This is not a good look for The Evangelical Covenant Church.

It’s fascinating for me to watch all of this from the outside. I DEEPLY understand all of the perspectives, both conservative and progressive, that surround this issue. I understand the reasons that my conservative siblings believe what they do about human sexuality. I understand why they think they have to protect their organization from “capitulating to culture” why they feel compelled to “stand firm” for marriage and for their understanding of the Bible.

They are wrong, of course, and they are on the wrong side of history. The Spirit is working in the world and in the Church and in younger generations. It is only a matter of time before these controversies will be remembered in much the same way we remember controversies about interracial marriages. 

I honestly feel sad for them. The Church is being invited by the Holy One to repent of her homophobia and embrace the goodness and beauty of LGBTQ+ identities and relationships. And she continues to stubbornly resist. She means well, but like so many religious leaders of Jesus’ time, she is so intent on “getting it right” that she is missing her chance to actually get it right. She will wake up someday. She will repent. And she will regret that it took her so long.

And in the meantime, she will continue to damage the reputation of our beautiful God by misrepresenting and distorting his message. And headlines like this will continue to drive people AWAY rather than invite them into the life of God. It’s so fascinating to me that popular culture is seeing more clearly than many parts of God’s church these days. God, have mercy. Open eyes and hearts. Bring freedom and life. Amen.