Today, another song. Just a demo recorded with an electric keyboard and my iPhone in the kitchen last spring. The lyrics were written in my journal on a soccer field one Saturday afternoon. Zachary was playing, and these words just came spilling out onto the paper. It’s very stream-of-consciousness, and it very accurately reflects my thoughts and feelings at the time. And the freedom of writing and singing about that handsome soccer dad with salt-and-pepper hair. Words fail. I’ll let the song sing for itself.

Soccer Dads

This is my heart
Pumping blood throughout my body
And these are my lungs
Breathing in and breathing out
And here are my eyes
Finally open to the beauty
Finally seeing all the beauty
All around me

These are my hands
Playing keys and writing lyrics
That my brain conjured up
While I sat and watched a soccer game
And these are my lips and teeth and tongue
In all their glory
Finally singing out the story
I’ve been hiding

And you should see the soccer players
So young and full of energy
My son, who didn’t want to come,
Defending like a pro
And I’m sure they have their secrets
But I hope someone will tell them
They don’t have to be afraid
And they don’t have to be alone

These are the legs
That ran eight miles just this morning
And this is the belly
That I’m just not happy with
And this is the wrist
With the tattoo of a River
That I got when I decided
To live honestly
This is the elbow
That I broke when I was seven
Attempting a cartwheel
With no hands, like on TV
And that little boy’s a grown man now
But he still wants to fly
So clear the mat
This time I’m gonna land it

And you should see the other soccer dads
Some of whom are very handsome
The one with salt-and-pepper hair
Who smiled and said hello
And I didn’t even look away
I smiled right back at him
Cuz I don’t have to be afraid
And I don’t have to be alone

These are the ears
That will one day hear “I love you”
And these are the arms
That will one day hold you close
And this is my heart
Pumping blood throughout my body
Getting stronger every minute
Feeling hopeful