Well, my friends, I’m off to San Francisco Pride for the weekend. I’ll be hanging out with friends today and tomorrow, and leading worship at MCC San Francisco tomorrow at noon and 7pm. I won’t be checking Facebook much, so I’ll respond to comments on Monday.

Today I’d like to share some more goodness from my friend, gay Christian blogger/podcaster extraordinaire Kevin Garcia. This idea of my identity being in Christ and not in a sexual orientation is one I’ve heard again and again. People have told me I shouldn’t call myself a “gay Christian” because that’s putting gay before Jesus… I disagree, of course. I think it’s like calling myself an American Christian or a right-handed Christian. It’s just an adjective and normal American English usage. I don’t call myself a “Christian right-handed man.” Of course my identity is found in Jesus. That’s what being a Christian is all about.

But read Kevin’s words, not mine! Happy Pride, everyone!

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