Today I want to encourage you to read this blog post by Kevin Garcia. Kevin is a gay Christian blogger and podcaster, and I love his work. I became aware of Kevin on Twitter, and he’s been a constant inspiration and encouragement to me over the past year. Fun fact: He’s the only person I regularly chat with on Instagram. ?

This post is so powerful to me… As an Evangelical, I often heard bout the “slippery slope.” You know what I’m talking about. If we allow this, then THIS will happen! If we let the gay marry, then before we know it, people will be marrying animals! No joke. I’ve heard it so many times, and so have you.

Kevin takes that narrative and turns it on its ear. What if it’s not a slippery slope after all?” he writes. Maybe “we should invert it and call it a dreadful path upward, because honestly, no one simply falls into justice. You have to fight for it.”

I know you’re out there, friends. You love Jesus, you take the bible seriously, and deep down, in the privacy of your own heart, you believe — or maybe you want to believe — that gays like me and Kevin can be blessed by God. You know in your heart, even if your brain hasn’t caught up yet, that God loves and accepts us, that maybe the Church got this one wrong, like it did with slavery and women’s roles. You know that it’s time for a course correction.

But it’s going to be hard. You might have to give up a lot. Yeah, I get it.

Believe me. But the cause of justice in the name of Jesus is worth it. I really believe it.

This won’t be the last time I challenge you with this, quietly affirming friends. COME OUT. We need you. The Church needs you. Frankly, the Church needs US. The Church is poorer because it continues to try to keep LGBTQ Christians out of fellowship, and you could be a voice that advances the beautiful, painful work of repenting of sin and healing the wounds of division.

But Kevin says all of this so much better than I can. Please read his post, and please let me know what you think.

PS — I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Facebook “rainbow” reaction. So grateful for companies that “get it” and celebrate the beautiful diversity of the human race! ❤️????