If you need a little breathing space before Christmas gets too intense…

Sometimes it feels like hope is in short supply. The world seems to be enveloped in darkness, and everywhere you look, people are frustrated, disappointed, angry and hopeless. But throughout the centuries, even through difficult times, followers of Jesus have observed the season of Advent, straining through the darkness for a glimpse of the light.

Join us, Saturday, December 1, for a day of naming the darkness and seeking the light and hope that has been promised. Through the arts, conversation, guided spiritual practices, times of peaceful solitude, optional spiritual direction sessions and a shared meal, we will explore the hope-filled Christian tradition of Advent together.

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The Journey Center is not a church or an institution, but a group of people who have encountered the Living Christ and are being transformed by Love into who we were created to be! If you are becoming aware that the Spirit is inviting you to move closer to your own true heart and the heart of your loving Creator, it is our desire to offer you encouragement and resources, whatever your spiritual path may be. Because we serve such a spiritually diverse community of folks, the resources we offer are designed so that there is something for everyone. This means all are truly welcome, no matter your faith tradition, your sexual orientation or gender identity, your relationship with Christianity or the Church, your racial/ethnic identity, your socio-economic status, your ability or (dis)ability, your personality, your life experiences or your level of education… Join us. You are loved and wanted. ❤️

Grateful for the chance to lead this retreat with my Journey Center colleagues Randy Cadwell and Ann Marie Wendt Hall. There are still a few spots open. We hope you can join us!

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